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consulting & business development

Peng! brings support and advise in key business fields to give your project all its chances.

E-commerce & Marketing

Setup of E-commerce strategy and analyse of the Marketing and promotional activities. Development of sales concepts according to current product portfolio, resources, brand awareness and target audience.

Organisation & Process

Process analyse for opportunity and potential issue identification. Human resources optimisation with Adaptive-Resources Model (ARM). Team communication trainings and general team building activities.


Business Basics for managers including rapport building, team & cross-cultural communication, negotiation efficiency, body language training and self-coaching/development for private and professionals.

About us

Things you need to know about us.
Dynamic consulting for start-ups

Peng! GmbH is a Swiss business consulting company helping small and middle enterprises by optimising processes, bringing adapted IT solutions and supporting overall management duties for strategic development. Today Peng! focuses on E-commerce activities and business development for startups. With projects in various industries on an international scale, Peng! contributes to the success of companies since 1998. Our scope of work starts with Marketing, Sales and online projects. And we’re also active in internal Organisation and process, Work efficiency, Lean management and resource optimisation. We also give self-development trainings for individuals and team leaders based on worldwide known NLP techniques.

  • B2B & B2C Marketing

    and sales strategy

  • Asian & European market

    especially Thailand, Singapore and Switzerland

  • Jewelry business

    also Chemicals, Food and Logistics Industry

  • Intercultural management

    and communication


Here to help you to develop your business with key optimizations.
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Business Consultant
I’m a positively charged person with goals and ambition. I feel more like a business-helper than a consultant per say. My success fully relies on yours so let’s trig the success together!

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